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Dark Chocolate for the Soul

You know the book, Chicken Soup for the children’s, mother’s, sister’s, ex-boyfriend’s, whomever’s soul? Well, I think there should be a book called Dark Chocolate for the soul! Dark chocolate has lower sodium than chicken noodle soup and way less bland! You can eat dark chocolate at any time during the day, you don’t need a microwave to heat it up and its way more delicious!


I talk about dark chocolate a lot because I don’t think it gets enough credit for all of its goodness. It’s rich in antioxidants and dark chocolate’s richer taste and quality help satisfy that chocolate craving faster than regular milk chocolate does. Other reasons why dark chocolate is nothing short of amazballs (yep, I am running with this word- hope it catches on), some studies have shown that dark chocolate can lower your blood pressure and also lower that pesky bad cholesterol known as LDL. Dark chocolate also can improve mood with its serotonin content, which is a natural mood booster! So, next time you are looking for a little dessert, have a 1 oz. piece of dark chocolate!


Maybe my next venture should be to write a book…. Dark Chocolate for Everyone’s soul… chocolate doesn’t discriminate!



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