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Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful, but Maxine Salon is so Delightful…


There are very few things in this world that I will truck through a snow storm for. And Chicagoans know that when we have a snow storm, we HAVE a snow storm. Winter advisories, thick flakes plummeting down, cars sliding all over the roads, people leaving work early to get a head start on the storm, it’s no tiny hurdle. This Friday was the second time I piled on the layers, whipped out the snow boots, and wrapped myself in scarves, hats, and gloves (“Oh my”) to blindly inch my way through a blizzard to Maxine Salon to make an appointment I had with Jaime Lewis to get a bikini wax.


That’s right. I trucked through storm to get tortured. But it is so worth it! And believe you me, I am a wimp when it comes to pain. I’m that girl that says ouch before you even touch her. My brother had it tough when we were growing up. (Sorry, Dave for all those times dad thought you hit me, and made you sit on the curb while we waited for mom to get groceries from the supermarket. The word ouch was just a reflex when you looked at me funny.) With Jaime, the pain is minimal.


Jaime is the only gal I trust and feel comfortable with when it comes to getting my lady parts primped. She makes you feel so relaxed and at ease it’s as if you were just having coffee with a girlfriend… with your pants off, so maybe not exactly like coffee, but you know what I mean. And her high frequency wand is fabulous in assuring you do not get ingrown hairs by zapping away any potential bacteria. (I know gross, but those things can happen). So here’s hoping for warmer days soon. Until then, I’m remaining a committed client to my favorite esthetician, Jamie Lewis at Maxine Salon, through rain or snowy weather.


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