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Post Super Bowl Shape Up

Well, Tom Brady can’t undo his Super Bowl performance and we can’t undo the ridiculous amount of Nachos we ate so let’s jump to plan B. In the words of LMFAO- I-I-I WORKOUT! Kiss those love handles goodbye and get your bum into gear. Try this heart pumping 20 minute workout: Perform each movement for 45 seconds and rest only 15 seconds in between as you prepare for the next movement. You’ll need a set of light weights, medium weights and a step or bench. See images below for clarification.


1. Squat and Press- With light weights held at your shoulders, squat down and pause. As you push up, extend arms up overhead. As you start to squat down again lower weights back to shoulder height.


2. Plank and Reach-Hold a plank position as you alternate extending arm out.


3. Step Ups- grab your bench or step and alternate each foot stepping up. Make it a bit more difficult and add your medium weights.


4. Pike Push Ups- target your shoulders with this twist on a regular pushup. Start in a push up position but walk feet in closer to your hands. As you lower your body, concentrate on lowering down as if you are trying to hit the ground with the top of your head. Push back to start.


5. Deadlifts- using your medium weights stand with feet shoulder width apart, and knees slightly bent. With palms facing your body, slowly bend forward pushing your butt back while lowering dumbbells down to your shins. Squeeze your glutes as you return to standing.


Repeat these 5 movements for 4 sets. This will be a total of 20 minutes. Try this workout 2-3 times per week.


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